Sunday, March 30, 2008

AC Recap

I'm on a delayed reaction from last Thursday. Sometimes it takes a while to get fully sober...

Anyway after a day of basketball watching, $1 bets with Matt and Ed, and surprising little drinking, I headed down to AC for a Beth Birthday Bash. Ed, Matt, Beth, Sarah, and I went to the Tropicana for some wagering and whistle wetting...

We hit the following bars throughout the night

17) Cuba Libre - one drink with the scary waiter, a decision that all their food was scary, and a chance to move on,
18) Rí~Rá - a two drink stop at a slutty Irish bar, where a number of girls decided to try to pick up Ed, and then thought better of it,
19) A Dam Good Sports Bar - 40 oz. of gold plus splitting another, tempered with shots of goodness, and bar food. food...
20) Providence - dance dance thump thump dance dance thump thump. Guy tried to hit on Beth in front of Mattie, because he wasn't scared of him. Somehow when I walked over, he changed his mind and walked away. Ed decided not to try to pick up to Long Island 30 something hottish housewives, while a woman (with her man in tow) tried to pick me up. Neither of us were down for a threesome ( although his would have been better than mine) and we headed back to the room to put the drunkards to bed.

After that we headed downstairs for some gambling. A guy at my table was pulling the Matt routine ( I am just so good looking...that's why I win all the time.) It had an air of annoying but was also a lot of hilarious. I drunkingly played for about 3 hours and was up a total of $2. Score!

At some point, Matt and Beth succumbed(sp?) to slumber, and Ed and I succumbed to hunger. Diner food at 6 a.m. with a waitress who could barely speak English is awesome. We paid the entire bill in ones, including the tip. Then we jetted up to grab 4 hours of sleep before check out..

The drive home was a mess, and led us to waiting around for an hour to get cheesesteak, which was a great and terrible idea. After that I faded in and out of sleep while waiting b-ball. won a few sports bets, and was ready to go....the next night....but that was Saturday, and my memory of that is faded right now. Until then..


Anonymous said...

Hey T.S., this is Tommy B. Goode from karaoke. I stumbled in from Trishy's LJ.

I didn't know about Tuesday karaoke at Mechanics, I'll have to put that in the fanatically complete Philly karaoke calendar.

Hey, you might have other updates for that, let me know:



Anonymous said...

Oh lookitthat, I did have it. I underestimated my karaoke-cataloguing prowess.

20 bars in 20 days is a noble endeavor.