Sunday, March 9, 2008

Daylight Savings Time Fun-o-rama

So I was chilling in the crib ready to pretty much do nothing, when the call came from the batphone. Ultra time. So I threw on the Brut cologne, put on Haddaway in the background, got my chest hair all waxed up, and I was ready to go.

Met up with Ultra at 6) McGlinchy's for two beers and some Candace love. W hung out there until it was time to go to 7) Jose Pistolas to sit down at the downstairs bar for a cheap beer (Yuengling Lager for me) and an expensive beer for Jonathan. After that it was time to get outta dodge and hit some Wawa for food before stop number 3 - (8) Ulana's for Dark Corner. It was surreal in there from meeting up with Matt Q and Justin, to be questioned about "not being goth" by a guy who frankly -aside from his black painted fingernails - did not look all that "goth." Some hotties at the party feeling naughty shake their boobies, but overall not much going on there. Thankfully it was last call for alcohol, which only means one thing. After hours for more drinking.

We get to the R Club, and for the first time ever, I notice that there is an elephant on the floor. We see some of the usuals theres, but some of the girls there were first timer to see Steve. I can't imagine that they did not enjoy the experience. Some metal head dude told me that he fucking loved me, and that I am fucking crazy. From the look of that guy, i could tell that that was one of the highest compliments that he could give, so I graciously (Sp?) accepted. Soon enough, however, it was last call there. 4:00 a.m. comes pretty darn fast, especially when it's actually 5:00 a.m.

Back to fort 1912 for bubblegum porn from Canada and super sammiches at the casa. I pass out on the couch, and hope that i haven't been walking around with random objects in permanent magic marker on my cheek. Lemme look....

Thankfully there's nothing there. so it's time for me to close this down, watch an episode of Six Feet Under on DVD and hopefully catch some sleep. See you kids.

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