Sunday, March 30, 2008

AC Recap

I'm on a delayed reaction from last Thursday. Sometimes it takes a while to get fully sober...

Anyway after a day of basketball watching, $1 bets with Matt and Ed, and surprising little drinking, I headed down to AC for a Beth Birthday Bash. Ed, Matt, Beth, Sarah, and I went to the Tropicana for some wagering and whistle wetting...

We hit the following bars throughout the night

17) Cuba Libre - one drink with the scary waiter, a decision that all their food was scary, and a chance to move on,
18) Rí~Rá - a two drink stop at a slutty Irish bar, where a number of girls decided to try to pick up Ed, and then thought better of it,
19) A Dam Good Sports Bar - 40 oz. of gold plus splitting another, tempered with shots of goodness, and bar food. food...
20) Providence - dance dance thump thump dance dance thump thump. Guy tried to hit on Beth in front of Mattie, because he wasn't scared of him. Somehow when I walked over, he changed his mind and walked away. Ed decided not to try to pick up to Long Island 30 something hottish housewives, while a woman (with her man in tow) tried to pick me up. Neither of us were down for a threesome ( although his would have been better than mine) and we headed back to the room to put the drunkards to bed.

After that we headed downstairs for some gambling. A guy at my table was pulling the Matt routine ( I am just so good looking...that's why I win all the time.) It had an air of annoying but was also a lot of hilarious. I drunkingly played for about 3 hours and was up a total of $2. Score!

At some point, Matt and Beth succumbed(sp?) to slumber, and Ed and I succumbed to hunger. Diner food at 6 a.m. with a waitress who could barely speak English is awesome. We paid the entire bill in ones, including the tip. Then we jetted up to grab 4 hours of sleep before check out..

The drive home was a mess, and led us to waiting around for an hour to get cheesesteak, which was a great and terrible idea. After that I faded in and out of sleep while waiting b-ball. won a few sports bets, and was ready to go....the next night....but that was Saturday, and my memory of that is faded right now. Until then..

Monday, March 24, 2008

20 (different) bars in 20 days- update!

By the way, I made the 20 different bars in 20 days goals thanks to Atlantic City. Once I remember all of the names of the bars, I will let you know. I'll also update my Saturday nite drinking as well.


Names, like Times, are Changing...

I realized that I was writing way too much about drinking. Therefore I have name changed to "Too Drunk to Blog" after the Dead Kennedys.

That is all for now.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

philthy britches and shamrock surprise (sat +mon recap)

Saturday Nite's alright for fighting, but I did not do any of that. Rather I went to see a number of girls in skimpy outfits do that for me. Philly Roller Girls at the Sportsplex in Bensalem, yo. Roller Derby Extravaganza. Beer, friends, and a bunch of bitches clawing each other's eyes out. What could be better!

Trishy is on the murderous Broad Street Butchers. She also happens to be my sister. I did kind of feel bad rooting against her team when I saw some of the hot girls on the other team, but then the Butchers lost. You should never feel bad about backing a winner. Go Philthy Britches!

I ran in Giorgo and Chris Vitale, and after that we headed down to Manayunk for some good times at 105 Social(14). By good times, I mean not good times. We were too sober and never caught up. As I realized this was the trap of a drinking holiday weekend, I headed home for some sleep, and the chance to do it all again the next day. Sadly I would have to wait until Monday to drink again....

Monday came around, and my sober ass couldn't even convince me to go to work despite it would look like the following:
  1. I was drunk from the night before,
  2. I'm a drunken irishman who can't hold my booze,
  3. It's cliche to take off only on a Monday or a Friday,
  4. I started my vaca a little early.

It was probably one of those, so I decided I could lose the argument with myself. I worked out and watched 8 hours of 6 Feet Under on DVD. Mattie then called me and invited me to Derricks (15) with him for some drinking and dining with his girlfriend, the lovely Beth. We had too much there, and decided that we couldn't drive home. As a result, we hit 105 again, and Mattie had too much to drink. At some point, John came in. Mattie and Beth left as they had too much to drink. Ed and I left cause of too much John. We hit the Manayunk Brewing Co. (16) but it was dead, and instead got a cheese steak at Fiesta.

Erin go braugh!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tuesday and Thursday night on the town

I feel like I should be singing an Electric Six song, because I ended up at a dance party at a gay bar on Tuesday. This is after heading to Karaoke at National Mechanics (10) and singing my face off. Well, I only sang Add it up, by the Violent Femmes and Air Supply, but I rocked the party. I also drank a bit too much. At Nat Mech., I ran into Dave F., Joe, Jonathan, Trishy, and Melanie (my ex). Ultra and I headed out to Skinners (11)after that, stayed for one beer and then headed to Dave P. and Adam Sparkles' new night at Woody's (12). I felt like breaking out the Mattie line, "I don't normally go to places like this, but this place is alright for a gay bar. (pause). Who am I kidding, I go to gay bars all the time." It was the usual scenester crowd but that's okay. I was just bummed that I couldn't get a free drink. I ran home to go to sleep because I had to get up early in the morning.

Wednesday was a light night, and I stayed in. Thursday nite was another drink down the hill night and the first stop was the Ugly Moose (13). Unfortunately, we went back to the Bayou after that and I avoided adding to the list, which means my work is cut out for me over the next week. Drank too much, and ended up eating an Awesome bacon Cheesburger with a Grape soda at the end of the night. And that was that.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i am good at poker

I google searched my name to see what came up, and I found that I had a poker hand posted. It was this one:

or this

wow. I suck at

then again there's this...

maybe I'm not so bad.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Daylight Savings Time Fun-o-rama

So I was chilling in the crib ready to pretty much do nothing, when the call came from the batphone. Ultra time. So I threw on the Brut cologne, put on Haddaway in the background, got my chest hair all waxed up, and I was ready to go.

Met up with Ultra at 6) McGlinchy's for two beers and some Candace love. W hung out there until it was time to go to 7) Jose Pistolas to sit down at the downstairs bar for a cheap beer (Yuengling Lager for me) and an expensive beer for Jonathan. After that it was time to get outta dodge and hit some Wawa for food before stop number 3 - (8) Ulana's for Dark Corner. It was surreal in there from meeting up with Matt Q and Justin, to be questioned about "not being goth" by a guy who frankly -aside from his black painted fingernails - did not look all that "goth." Some hotties at the party feeling naughty shake their boobies, but overall not much going on there. Thankfully it was last call for alcohol, which only means one thing. After hours for more drinking.

We get to the R Club, and for the first time ever, I notice that there is an elephant on the floor. We see some of the usuals theres, but some of the girls there were first timer to see Steve. I can't imagine that they did not enjoy the experience. Some metal head dude told me that he fucking loved me, and that I am fucking crazy. From the look of that guy, i could tell that that was one of the highest compliments that he could give, so I graciously (Sp?) accepted. Soon enough, however, it was last call there. 4:00 a.m. comes pretty darn fast, especially when it's actually 5:00 a.m.

Back to fort 1912 for bubblegum porn from Canada and super sammiches at the casa. I pass out on the couch, and hope that i haven't been walking around with random objects in permanent magic marker on my cheek. Lemme look....

Thankfully there's nothing there. so it's time for me to close this down, watch an episode of Six Feet Under on DVD and hopefully catch some sleep. See you kids.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

thursday nite, ain't a damn thing funny...bitch better have my money

Sorry I stole the title from Big Daddy Kane.

Ed, Matt and I did some heart-healthy drinking down the hill on Thursday. But not before we were playing some wii drink. While we killed our livers, I achieved our highest score ever ( damn V key on my laptop does not want to work).... 289!!!

If I was a real bowler, I'd be the next Walter Earl Ray, Roy Munson, or Big Earnie. (okay the last two are fictional, but even as a sports guy, I don't know many pro bowlers.) I am just that fucking good!

After that we went down the hill, stopping at 4)CJ & Ecks, to see a womyn's soccer team and barge in on Dart league. As a result, we were one and done there. We then went to the 5)Bayou, for cheap beer and the St. Joe's game. They actually beat Xavier and are in some sort of position to make the NCAA tournament. If not, there's always the NIT!

Matt felt like actually making it to work on Friday, so we cut out early. When I got home, I rediscovered the joys of the Hoff.

Best picture ever!!!

Wii should drink!

I love the wii. And I love drinking beer. So when my brother, my cousin and I got together to play wii bowling, we had to make a drinking game.

And so we did, and so we drank.

And while the game caught on with a number of other houses, it did not have a name.

Then after 4 beers on Thursday nite, it came to me....Wii Drink!!

Basically, the premise is this:

If you get a strike, the other people have to drink two.
If you get a spare, the others drink one.
If you get no mark, then you drink three.
If you fail to throw the ball, you drink one for each time in the game when you have done so.

The drinks carry over ( i.e. if you go strike (+2), spare (+1), strike (+2) on three consecutive holes then the others would have to drink 2 for the first frame, three for second, and 5 for the third.) A missed mark breaks your strak, and you reset on your next mark.

Other optional rules:
if all of your players are good, you can cap drinks per round at 10.
if one player gets a turkey (three strikes in a row), you hae a reverse waterfall, where the person with the lowest score is the first to stop drinking, and the person with the highest score is the last to do so.
all players get a strike in the same frame, it's a social.

So now go out and get yourself a wii, and then wii drink!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Be a winner at the game of Life

I was bored.

As I was bored, I had to play some games.

I guess you could say they were "bored" games.

I decided mentally that I'm bringing back the d-list and the d-list brackets. The D-list is a list of the biggest assholes in Professional sports. From Roger Clemens to OJ Simpson to Mike Tyson and more, the d-list is sure to stir on conversation and hours of joy. Of course, it's the perverse joy that only comes with making fun of people, but I digress.

I am an avid listener of Jon Solomon's show on WPRB (103.3) - but only for the first five minutes. (The show airs at 7:00 p.m. most Wednesdays.) Why only at that time? Because I love to rock out to the Death of Pop by the Rub. You can snag the link below and listen to here...

Mattie also turned me on to an awesome blog, stuff white people like.

It's funny because I'm white, and I like most of these things. I also enjoy making fun of myself. Therefore, it's even funnier to me.

Oh, we also went to a bar, so i'm kind of drunk now. It was

3.) Murphy's Tavern

which, if it sounds to you like a dive bar with cheap beer, old men, darts, and wing specials on a Wednesday, then your ears are pretty good. I got housed in darts and in shitty beer, but I'm now home. That's alls that I gots for you now.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Caught in the clutches of Gamblor!

I am good at poker. Some days I am awesome at poker. Lately, I have been very very good. But some days there are gas leaks in my house when I play because my sister forgot to turn off the stove, and I am merely good again. Today is one of those days, which is a shame because I was signed up to play a 109.00 Omaha tournament that I got to play in for just 10.

Anyway, I signed up to play, and I also got into a $50 buy in tourney and a 30 sit and go. I was disgustingly light headed and got knocked out of the two tourneys for big $$ real early. I did have some redemption in the 30, cashing for 81, but that's nothing. I should have grabbed the first place.

Now, I'm in a 20, and waiting for a 30. I am also waiting for my head to clear. It's interesting to see what donk moves I'll make.

On other fronts, I gots me some second hand TiVo that I long to hook up to my TeeVee. I'll do on a night that I ain't high..

Monday, March 3, 2008

the beginning of 20 bars in 20 days. and Chuggo.

I recently discovered Chuggo, and more importantly, I discover the world around him, which pretty much involves making fun of him. I have put a link to the Chuggo video, so you and your friends can have an inside joke about him as well.

AAAH, come on fuck a guy!!

I also promised you 20 bars in 20 days. Alcoholism is a curse and a blessing. Thankfully today it was a blessing.

My 2 bars
1) Locust bar
2) Silk City

My 7 karaoke songs:

a) Caribbean Queen - Billy Ocean
b) the Promise - When in Rome
c) Going Back to Cali - LL Cool J
d) I would Die 4 U - Prince
e) Baby I'm a Star - Prince
f) Freefalling - Tom Petty
g) Talk Dirty to Me - Poison

The Random People I've saw tonight:
Matt-Ed-Emily-Moe-Ben-Jonathan-Laura-Mike-Josh-Trishy-Ricky-Amanda(swoon)-Amanda's GF-Sara Sherr-Andy-Hot Silk City Bartender-Dave F.- Phil-Emerald

Amount of fun (on a scale of 1-10): 6.5 -average to above average

huzzah- I'm a whole lot of awesome..ahhh come on' fucking guy!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

About me- and why this is the year of Steve

So why did I take to starting a blog. There are a number of reasons, but more importantly, there are a number of facts:

Fact 1: It is the year of Steve. While the revolution will not be televised, it will be blogged.

Fact 2: Today was a good day to start blogging, as it is the beginning of a new month. Also all my friends were either hammered by 4:00 in the afternoon, or sick, so I had nothing to do tonight.

Fact 3: I am awesome (and modest.)

Fact 4: Random readership will increase, but no will go back to read the original. So I can say anything I want here.

Basically, this blog is about anything I want, but mostly involves Music, Sex, Sports, Karaoke, Drinking, Gambling, and everything that goes with it. So welcome to my blog'o'sphere.