Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tuesday and Thursday night on the town

I feel like I should be singing an Electric Six song, because I ended up at a dance party at a gay bar on Tuesday. This is after heading to Karaoke at National Mechanics (10) and singing my face off. Well, I only sang Add it up, by the Violent Femmes and Air Supply, but I rocked the party. I also drank a bit too much. At Nat Mech., I ran into Dave F., Joe, Jonathan, Trishy, and Melanie (my ex). Ultra and I headed out to Skinners (11)after that, stayed for one beer and then headed to Dave P. and Adam Sparkles' new night at Woody's (12). I felt like breaking out the Mattie line, "I don't normally go to places like this, but this place is alright for a gay bar. (pause). Who am I kidding, I go to gay bars all the time." It was the usual scenester crowd but that's okay. I was just bummed that I couldn't get a free drink. I ran home to go to sleep because I had to get up early in the morning.

Wednesday was a light night, and I stayed in. Thursday nite was another drink down the hill night and the first stop was the Ugly Moose (13). Unfortunately, we went back to the Bayou after that and I avoided adding to the list, which means my work is cut out for me over the next week. Drank too much, and ended up eating an Awesome bacon Cheesburger with a Grape soda at the end of the night. And that was that.

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