Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Caught in the clutches of Gamblor!

I am good at poker. Some days I am awesome at poker. Lately, I have been very very good. But some days there are gas leaks in my house when I play because my sister forgot to turn off the stove, and I am merely good again. Today is one of those days, which is a shame because I was signed up to play a 109.00 Omaha tournament that I got to play in for just 10.

Anyway, I signed up to play, and I also got into a $50 buy in tourney and a 30 sit and go. I was disgustingly light headed and got knocked out of the two tourneys for big $$ real early. I did have some redemption in the 30, cashing for 81, but that's nothing. I should have grabbed the first place.

Now, I'm in a 20, and waiting for a 30. I am also waiting for my head to clear. It's interesting to see what donk moves I'll make.

On other fronts, I gots me some second hand TiVo that I long to hook up to my TeeVee. I'll do on a night that I ain't high..

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