Thursday, March 6, 2008

Be a winner at the game of Life

I was bored.

As I was bored, I had to play some games.

I guess you could say they were "bored" games.

I decided mentally that I'm bringing back the d-list and the d-list brackets. The D-list is a list of the biggest assholes in Professional sports. From Roger Clemens to OJ Simpson to Mike Tyson and more, the d-list is sure to stir on conversation and hours of joy. Of course, it's the perverse joy that only comes with making fun of people, but I digress.

I am an avid listener of Jon Solomon's show on WPRB (103.3) - but only for the first five minutes. (The show airs at 7:00 p.m. most Wednesdays.) Why only at that time? Because I love to rock out to the Death of Pop by the Rub. You can snag the link below and listen to here...

Mattie also turned me on to an awesome blog, stuff white people like.

It's funny because I'm white, and I like most of these things. I also enjoy making fun of myself. Therefore, it's even funnier to me.

Oh, we also went to a bar, so i'm kind of drunk now. It was

3.) Murphy's Tavern

which, if it sounds to you like a dive bar with cheap beer, old men, darts, and wing specials on a Wednesday, then your ears are pretty good. I got housed in darts and in shitty beer, but I'm now home. That's alls that I gots for you now.

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