Saturday, March 8, 2008

thursday nite, ain't a damn thing funny...bitch better have my money

Sorry I stole the title from Big Daddy Kane.

Ed, Matt and I did some heart-healthy drinking down the hill on Thursday. But not before we were playing some wii drink. While we killed our livers, I achieved our highest score ever ( damn V key on my laptop does not want to work).... 289!!!

If I was a real bowler, I'd be the next Walter Earl Ray, Roy Munson, or Big Earnie. (okay the last two are fictional, but even as a sports guy, I don't know many pro bowlers.) I am just that fucking good!

After that we went down the hill, stopping at 4)CJ & Ecks, to see a womyn's soccer team and barge in on Dart league. As a result, we were one and done there. We then went to the 5)Bayou, for cheap beer and the St. Joe's game. They actually beat Xavier and are in some sort of position to make the NCAA tournament. If not, there's always the NIT!

Matt felt like actually making it to work on Friday, so we cut out early. When I got home, I rediscovered the joys of the Hoff.

Best picture ever!!!

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