Monday, March 3, 2008

the beginning of 20 bars in 20 days. and Chuggo.

I recently discovered Chuggo, and more importantly, I discover the world around him, which pretty much involves making fun of him. I have put a link to the Chuggo video, so you and your friends can have an inside joke about him as well.

AAAH, come on fuck a guy!!

I also promised you 20 bars in 20 days. Alcoholism is a curse and a blessing. Thankfully today it was a blessing.

My 2 bars
1) Locust bar
2) Silk City

My 7 karaoke songs:

a) Caribbean Queen - Billy Ocean
b) the Promise - When in Rome
c) Going Back to Cali - LL Cool J
d) I would Die 4 U - Prince
e) Baby I'm a Star - Prince
f) Freefalling - Tom Petty
g) Talk Dirty to Me - Poison

The Random People I've saw tonight:
Matt-Ed-Emily-Moe-Ben-Jonathan-Laura-Mike-Josh-Trishy-Ricky-Amanda(swoon)-Amanda's GF-Sara Sherr-Andy-Hot Silk City Bartender-Dave F.- Phil-Emerald

Amount of fun (on a scale of 1-10): 6.5 -average to above average

huzzah- I'm a whole lot of awesome..ahhh come on' fucking guy!!

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