Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Things I shouldn't do anymore (pt. 1)

Things that I shouldn't do:
  1. Start fights with 14 year old red-headed step children on the Basketball Courts, even when they have potty-mouths and are insulting my mother.
  2. Get really drunk at BBQs and go looking for ex-girlfriends on South Street at Fast Cheap and Out of Control - Sunday Nights - even though I don't hook up with them when I see them.
  3. Read bad sports blogs, even though I am avoiding work.
  4. Check incessantly on my stock, even though I know that it only rises in the morning (and falls in the afternoon).

That's all for now. I may remember more later....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Be A Millionaire Day!

I will be celebrating this next year.

The year after, I intend to celebrate "Be a billionaire day!"


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Topic for Discussion: Comeback songs

Surprise surprise, but when we were drinking, Ed + I were discussing comeback songs, such as:

Oh What a Night -early to mid 1990's
Don't Stop Believing - late 1990's
Rick Rolling a.k.a. Never gonna give you up -2007 and on and on...

What's next?

I thought maybe "Too Legit to Quit" or "poison"

What's you're opinion?

Please comment and let me know. In two years we can look back on this and either brag or mae fun of the commentor.

Closest to the next come-back wins a five spot from me. Maybe it will buy a gallon of gas/diesel fuel by then.

Thanks f0r listening