Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wii should drink!

I love the wii. And I love drinking beer. So when my brother, my cousin and I got together to play wii bowling, we had to make a drinking game.

And so we did, and so we drank.

And while the game caught on with a number of other houses, it did not have a name.

Then after 4 beers on Thursday nite, it came to me....Wii Drink!!

Basically, the premise is this:

If you get a strike, the other people have to drink two.
If you get a spare, the others drink one.
If you get no mark, then you drink three.
If you fail to throw the ball, you drink one for each time in the game when you have done so.

The drinks carry over ( i.e. if you go strike (+2), spare (+1), strike (+2) on three consecutive holes then the others would have to drink 2 for the first frame, three for second, and 5 for the third.) A missed mark breaks your strak, and you reset on your next mark.

Other optional rules:
if all of your players are good, you can cap drinks per round at 10.
if one player gets a turkey (three strikes in a row), you hae a reverse waterfall, where the person with the lowest score is the first to stop drinking, and the person with the highest score is the last to do so.
all players get a strike in the same frame, it's a social.

So now go out and get yourself a wii, and then wii drink!!!

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