Tuesday, March 18, 2008

philthy britches and shamrock surprise (sat +mon recap)

Saturday Nite's alright for fighting, but I did not do any of that. Rather I went to see a number of girls in skimpy outfits do that for me. Philly Roller Girls at the Sportsplex in Bensalem, yo. Roller Derby Extravaganza. Beer, friends, and a bunch of bitches clawing each other's eyes out. What could be better!

Trishy is on the murderous Broad Street Butchers. She also happens to be my sister. I did kind of feel bad rooting against her team when I saw some of the hot girls on the other team, but then the Butchers lost. You should never feel bad about backing a winner. Go Philthy Britches!

I ran in Giorgo and Chris Vitale, and after that we headed down to Manayunk for some good times at 105 Social(14). By good times, I mean not good times. We were too sober and never caught up. As I realized this was the trap of a drinking holiday weekend, I headed home for some sleep, and the chance to do it all again the next day. Sadly I would have to wait until Monday to drink again....

Monday came around, and my sober ass couldn't even convince me to go to work despite it would look like the following:
  1. I was drunk from the night before,
  2. I'm a drunken irishman who can't hold my booze,
  3. It's cliche to take off only on a Monday or a Friday,
  4. I started my vaca a little early.

It was probably one of those, so I decided I could lose the argument with myself. I worked out and watched 8 hours of 6 Feet Under on DVD. Mattie then called me and invited me to Derricks (15) with him for some drinking and dining with his girlfriend, the lovely Beth. We had too much there, and decided that we couldn't drive home. As a result, we hit 105 again, and Mattie had too much to drink. At some point, John came in. Mattie and Beth left as they had too much to drink. Ed and I left cause of too much John. We hit the Manayunk Brewing Co. (16) but it was dead, and instead got a cheese steak at Fiesta.

Erin go braugh!

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