Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter Eve recap

So the night before Easter, and I'm going out.
All the creatures were stirring, so I couldn't pout.
Sat my ass by the bar with a mug full of beer,
wishing my four team parlay would appear.
Hot bartenders dressed in slutty girl best.
I tried not to look but I stared at their breasts.
Drinking and walking around the Olde City,
I'm hoping to make out with some one who's pretty...

O.k. somewhere in there I forgot about the words and melody to the night before X-Mas. But you get the point. Ed, Brian and I went galavanting in Olde City drinking for a bit. I'm not sure actually where we ended up during the night, but I know that we ended at the R Club. It was pretty uneventful there, but we were stopped by the cops on the way from the R Club to the diner. For looking like thugs. 4 thugs. Me Brian Ed....Well, no one ever said that a Philadelphia education was quality. I think I thought better of their civil servents though.

After breakfast we headed home. one long ass cab ride later, and I finally got to go to sleep.

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